Wednesday, December 2, 2009

finally found the reason why

I could not browse all the blogs from blogspot...because apparently it's not's fault it is my STUPID IDIOTIC provider (excuse my language...I am venting my anger)...I use FAST NET which isn't so should be called crappy net!!! according to the customer service, the communication and information department is banning all blogger sites! CRAZY....whilst OTHER internet service providers have no problem with such...what a bunch of nonsense...


  1. Hi there Lia,
    I saw a comment you posted on Black Apples page, and being a Lia myself I just had to pop in and check out your blog. I also have two girls and we love to get crafty. Your halloween costumes, pj's and little bags are adorable. I just wanted to say hello since we seem to have so much in common. I'll stop by again.

  2. glad you figured out the cause:)


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