Monday, December 14, 2009

a birthday gift

Finally I can post this here...It was my friend's birthday last weekend :). Today, I've finally given her birthday gift :)...It is a reversible smocked bag....Hope she likes it...or at least appreciate the effort ;) hehehehehehee. Happy Birthday, Chia!


  1. Love love love love it! C.

  2. Great job, I see the diamond smocking:)

  3. Hi Lia,

    Thank you for leaving a message on my blog - it's an unkept, old old blog! I wish to update it when I start getting crafty again, and your blog has inspired me much! I found your diamond smock bag here, wonderful!! It is such a great idea to use dotted fabric to do this diamond smock. Will try this once my baby is older and I have more time to myself. Am tracking your blog now, so interesting!


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