Monday, August 16, 2010

tutorial: foxy bag pattern and competition calling

Well, it's not actually a tutorial, just a pattern.  I'm calling everyone who's interested to make this bag :).  I tried making mine...I used synthetic leather and forgot to put in the ears and synthetic leathers were just hellish to sew :(.  So, I'm putting this aside for the time being...and ask dear readers :) make me one finished product me your finished product, k! :)...

Or...maybe I should make this into a little competition??? till the end of the month??? and I'll prepare a nice package for the winner ;)...what say you?? are you in??

Here is the link to foxy pattern

Here are some suggestions:
1. Use felt for eyes
2. Add a bag strap on the side
3. Leather would be so nice :)
4. Canvas would do too :)



  1. This is so cute! I love your blog! Many great tutorials :)

  2. it is so, so cute. again! how do you come up with all these ideas?

  3. cute lil foxy...
    okay i'm in...wait my foxy version mbak lia...


  4. Whatta cute lil bag...I'd loove to have it for my self...let's see if I could make it ;)

  5. I think yours is super cute! I also love the ears on the pattern. =) What a fun idea for a competition. I'll be linking to your pattern- thanks so much for the fun challenge!

  6. thanks for visiting my blog! what a nice idea for a bag!

  7. I will try to make this! Thank you for sharing your patterns.

    I managed to access using Google Chrome. I am not sure why it jams up when I am loading it on IE on both my home and office pc.

  8. Hi Lia,

    I am so excited. I printed out your pattern and went back home to check through my fabric stash, I have the right coloured fabrics to make a foxy bag. That will be another entry from me Lia! I sort of figured out how to sew the bag but any instructions, Lia? This is my first time sewing a bag.

  9. Ser, there won't be any how tos :D...that's why I'm making this a competition :D...good luck

  10. That is so cool! I hope I'll make it on time for your competition. Nevertheless, I'll try it anyway.
    Thank you so much for this pattern! :-)

  11. OMG
    I was off from any internet connection for five days, and you came up with many great ideas :D

    About the bag, can I use any cotton or any light - medium weight fabric to make it? I've never ever sew any synthetics leather or canvas

  12. Foxy, or what about owly. It's super duper!

  13. Hi! Here's my Cut Out And Keep project on this pattern - I linked to the pattern there, too :P
    Hope you like! :)

  14. cute bag! i actually JUST bought the materials to make this bag, but I have a few questions.

    1) When you sew the bag, do you sew the darts on BOTH front and back?
    2) When you sew the flap (the part with the nose) do you sew it to the back piece of the bag?

    Thanks a ton! BTW If you have them, may i see pictures of both front, back, and inside of this bag? thankss! haha sorry for the trouble though... :D

  15. BTW I finished the bag! I posted it up, too.


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