Friday, June 24, 2011

they were princesses

for a day, at least...and they had so much fun!!!!  I'm so glad I did the make up package for them...after all, they're not going to be little princesses forever and I hope this will give them very fond childhood memories :).  

Princess Belle cried in the beginning, but enjoyed the whole session in the end.  Princess Aurora has always been happy from the beginning.  They were stars for a day...all eyes were on them...there were quite a few people asking to get pictures with them! There was even one incident when I've positioned them nicely at Tinker Bell's flowers and was ready to take some shots...when suddenly a bunch of Malaysian strangers took their positions and posed away....once they were gone...the princesses refused to be photographed :(....all my little hard work went to waste :D...

Princesses in the making :D

My two little Princesses

Top: people asking to take pictures with them. Bottom: The Malaysian group I was telling
you about hahahahahahha :) so funny



  1. How cute are they!!! Just too sweet!!!


  2. preetyyy!!!!they are soooo cute!!

  3. cute buangetssss

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  5. ini di disneyland yah? imuuuut banget little princesses nya haha :p aku pas ke disneyland japan juga liat makeover princess hehe :p tapi aku pergi nya pas udah gede jadi gak mungkin ikutan di make over haha :p

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