Friday, June 24, 2011

magically hot, humid and tiring....

But it was definitely my two little princesses' happiest days (literally) :).  We just got back last week from Hong Kong for a family holiday with my parents.  The first few nights we spent at Causewaybay and had a lot of good foods....I told my husband if I live in Hong Kong for too long, I'm sure I'll die soon due to over eating :D.  The last two nights we spent at Disney Hotel, it was a total chaos every morning until around noon, we couldn't get into our room until after 3pm.  It was magically expensive for sure :)...everything adds up, the shopping!  But it sure was a magical experience for the children....they had children kimonos, slippers and even their amenities are packed with the seven dwarves...their carpets had silhouette of mickey, minnie, goofy, donald, daisy and pluto.

Fun day 1 at Disney.  Little misfit cried when she was riding the cup :)

Breakfast with characters and fun day 2 at Disneyland
I will need to go back to sewing real soon...I just have to finish up a bunch of things I left behind at work (headache) and plus, Big M's birthday is coming soon, too! arghghghghghgh



  1. What can I do for Big M's birthday? if you need something, just ping me :)

  2. I am so happy seeing your Disneyland pictures. I went with my parents and my 2 little sisters 4 years ago before I had my little girl. I wish I can bring her there when she's older..perhaps 3 years old is a good age..hmm..that's another 1 year away!

  3. This is such a dream. :) your princesses are so beautiful! precious.


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