Friday, June 3, 2011

my butterfly and little crab

Today finally came and this morning, my little girls performed.  We were running a bit late, so Big M missed the little singing in the beginning...but she did the rest of her lion king act :).  On the other hand, Little M had a stage fright...she simply stood there on the stage....not moving :( hahahahhaa ow well...I love you made me so very proud :).  It was a very sad good-byes to the teachers :'(...I couldn't help but shed a little tear watching them...after all, they've been at Ismile since they were both 1.5 years and Big M is really close to her really is hard to say good bye...but such is life.  Thank you to everyone at's been a wonderful journey for both of my kids...they've certainly enjoyed their time there.

My stoned crab and her friends....the little sebastian was soooo cute!! She
moved and dance happily.  She's my college friend's daugter...small world :)

My little butterfly and her insect friends :D...mmmm her antennae was
a bit crooked :p

Ismile's swimmers :)


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