Thursday, September 9, 2010

diaper pouches

I've been making a lot of pouches this past few weeks.  A friend of mine just delivered a cute, chubby baby I made her a red usagi diaper pouch

Then, a cousin's friend ordered a diaper pouch...which I finally did after so long :p...I just thought of the velcro strap and quite happy with the result :)...I hope she likes it too :)



  1. and i love the pouch, not gonna give it to my dd tho, gonna use it for stuffing my fave stuff at the moments, the bowie book ipad n all my itsy bitsy haha, sorry baby mommy just have to use it first =P, love the pouch n love the cards n love our 15 minutes moment at kino too haha thx lii xoxooo

  2. Yes, truly a small world! I'm not sure about Meli's friend in Canada. She probably has quite a few of us. Hehhe...

    By the way, I loooove how your diaper bag looks. Do you have a tute for it? :D

    Also, whenever you're feeling kind, can you try to make a tute (or pattern and instruction) to make this:
    I got myself a macbook pro last month and have been trying to find the perfect bag for it but I don't like anything out there after I saw this one!

    Hohoho... thank youuuuu!


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