Thursday, June 10, 2010

beluga's fins for my baby beluga :)

I was talking to misfit's friend's mom yesterday and we were discussing about their teacher and what a wonderful teacher she has been...then she talked about how the teacher didn't want to trouble us by asking us to rent a costume for the children's year end performance...I am thankful she's very understanding but at the same time, I jumped at the opportunity to offer her to sew something for the children...their theme is baby beluga the white whale...each of them will be wearing a beluga hat and so I thought...why not make beluga fins for the children :D...something easy, something fast and something cute :).  I sewed 18 pairs last night using muslin fabric and this morning, the children tried the fins, I would need to adjust a few for the bigger and smaller kids...but all went well, I think :).  Can't wait to see their performance this Saturday.


  1. oh, the class is so lucky to have you! My nephew's graduating from kindergarten too this saturday and he will be singing kumbaya and yamko rame yamko. I wonder what's the theme is. He's probably on stage half naked though LOL.

  2. I happy that you liked the teacher! She's lucky to have parents like you who can help in this situation. I love your talent.


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