Wednesday, June 16, 2010

heritage exhibition

Last Friday, my friend and I went to this fabric show at Dharmawangsa Hotel.  The vendors were all from Palembang, South Sumatera...where my mom is from.  There were some beautiful fabrics but stupid me didn't bring any cash's time when I go to Palembang for some excellent food, I'll stop by some of those shops :).  I love the antique silver-gold plated jewelries, they're not too expensive but I'm not sure how long would the gold stay...

Look at this cute antique child's bolero..I think it's made from songket's so beautiful and fragile :).  Songket is a handwoven Sumatera's fabric, usually adorned with gold thread.

Look at these gold plated jewelries...I love them...I wish they're real gold and not too expensive :p one can hope, right?? :)


On the exhibition side, this is a typical wedding decoration from Sumatera's area.  Very lavish, lots of golds and a lot of good foods :)

On display at the exhibition...some old songket, they're sooooo beautiful and luxurious :).  I love the colors.  I wish they're mine...oooo I wish :)


  1. what lovely fabric! by the way great tute on the drawstring bag, i saw it on craft gossip!

  2. Wow everything is just beautiful. Are all weddings that lavish? Just amazing! I love the colors in the 2nd photo. Soo pretty, so soft but not muted. Nice! The songkets are what exactly? Used for? They are so lovely! Thanks so much for sharing all the photos!


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