Thursday, January 27, 2011

my sassy girls

were asked to be the flower girls on my cousin's wedding earlier this year.  I was really excited :) and before THE day, I've been showing them all these videos from youtube of flower girls :).  They were such good girls, even lil misfit was cooperating.  They were so excited and though they got derailed as they walked down the aisle, they managed to go to the right direction :).

flower girls :)

the girls in action a few days afterward

I love it when they're willing to cooperate :D



  1. They are such darlings! My son is going to be a ring bearer for my cousin's wedding in March. Oh goodness, I'm worried he'll either bold down the aisle at full speed or just refuse. At church yesterday, I told him what he'd be doing. His only reply was, "No thanks."

    PS. I have not recieved the cards yet, I'm worried our postal service here may have lost it. :(

  2. Your girls are just adorable... i know the feeling when the are willing to cooperate when taking pics... and that's only like 20% of the whole pics taken..:p


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