Monday, April 19, 2010

a batik fair

Good thing I went to the batik show on saturday...I found this set of beautiful yellow/pink/blue hand drawn batik (batik tulis), drawn on a silk piece of hand woven fabric!  Then, as I wondered around, I found these two marvelous hand woven silk batiks....they're so exquisite...I just got to take them both am quite broke...and trying to justify my impulse buys but I'm content :) knowing that one day...these will be our little family heirlooms...


  1. Beautiful! And sometimes you just HAVE to buy. 'Specially so when you get a beautiful find like these!

  2. Gorgeous!
    Kain di foto terakhir.. itu handwoven silk kan, bukan batik?
    desainnya mirip sama hand woven silk fabric buatan sodaraku yg menang kompetisi tingkat ASEAN taun lalu :)

  3. Lia, these are beautiful!!! Magnifiques!!!

  4. ahhh so beautiful. what about for me?? did you get the name card of the store? mau don..


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