Saturday, April 24, 2010

my patchwork batik blanket

here's a peak at my new treasure I found at the batik show :).  I think the batiks are vintage and the materials are nice and batting...perfect for Jakarta's scorching hot weather :).  I saw a similar thing in Japan at the liberty fabric store and it was so costly :D (it is after all from Indonesia hehehe)


  1. magnifique!!!! (trying to teach you some French there, have you noticed? ;-))

  2. hahahaha .. gw juga beli nih Li ... cuma yang warnanya lebih ke pastel .. enak bener euy dipake'nya ... hehe

  3. Hai Lia, I found your blog from dreamesh....after Vitarlenology, and her, i do love your blog....veeerrrrry much!!!!


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