Tuesday, October 25, 2011

happy birthday, ma belle

Wishing you many happiness in life and may you grow up to be whatever your dream may be and know that you will always...always be our precious little princess :).

The Special Agent OSO party is finally over.  Last night, my cousin delivered the beautiful cake!!! I was pleasantly surprised with the result...thanks to her and her friends at Cookienary.  When Isabelle woke up this morning, I asked her if she likes the cake....and she said..."Why is it so cute, Mommy??".  Her sister wished her a happy birthday and when we came to her class this morning, she was all shy :).

Little misfit was so very shy...she didn't even want to blow her candles, but she was willing to cut her cake :)

The goody bags were of course done by us :D...assorted PJs with some snacks for each child.  I played around with my knk last night and made the children's names.  It was a lot of fun playing with knk :), it cuts like a pro...very clean and fast too...I love it :).

Assorted PJs and snacks for the children

The bento box was ordered from my meal box and I guess I was lucky Lukman was still able to receive my order :D.  I opted for the non fried foods for the children and they seriously looked good :).
Lil Misfit giving away her cupcakes and goody bags.

I love birthdays...though I will always complain during the preparations but seeing the smiles on my little princesses' faces make all the hard work worth while :).  Last night they helped me putting in the snacks into the plastic bag and they had such a blast doing so.  I still remember the excitement I used to feel during my childhood...the night before my birthday was always exciting and happy, and all thanks to my Mom :) and I am now oblige to give the same happy experience to my children...

Lil Misfit's first birthday present :D


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