Friday, October 28, 2011

walk like an egyptian

On Tuesday night, my old one asked me before falling asleep about her UN Day costume...where's my costume, Mommy???  Have you made it??? My friends are going to wear a crown with many I panicked...I was just going to make something simple for her...and kinda ran out of ideas :P...So, came Wednesday and I was busy googling.  Yesterday I stopped by Pasar Mayestik and bought a few gold ribbons!  Last night, everything was done beautifully :).  I must say I love her costume :)  She wore it confidently and her class' dance was so funny...I kept laughing....after the show, we had snacks from all around the world.  A kind mom from Big M's class was in charge of the mini kebabs and mini samosas...they're really good :).  There was an Australian mom who brought sausage rolls...yuummm...I guess next stop in Christmas :).

I love the girl wearing the red costume...she definitely stood out :)
walk like an egyptian....


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