Wednesday, October 19, 2011

at home, in duluth

We arrived very late in Duluth, MN...our hotel was really overlooks the lake and it was a 2 bed-rooms apartment.  The next day we went to Steph's house...they've done a bit of painting and David has been busy making benches (for the wedding ceremony)...he's been making a few furniture for the house as the table...the little stool and a few re-upholstery works.  Their rented house was very photogenic...I suppose the white paint makes it look pretty :).  Duluth is a pretty little town, with beautiful lake...too bad we didn't have enough time to explore it.  Maybe next time?? :)  Oooo I went to Duluth Pack and bought this beautiful canvas bag with leather handle...made in Duluth with a lifetime warranty :).  Love it.


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  1. I"m pretty bad at geography but wherever it is, it looks amazing, the lights, the wood, and of course the kitchen sink. Love all the details!


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