Monday, October 24, 2011

special agent oso for misfit and my lovely knk

Tomorrow is little misfit's 3rd birthday and since her birthday never falls on holiday (LUCKY ME!), we'll celebrate it at school :)...she's been requesting a lollipop birthday, but she finally gave up on the idea and sounded happy enough to have it at school (pheeeww..).  I've been asking her many times, what sort of theme she would like for her birthday and on all of those occasions, OSO is her only answer....I've tried persuading her towards a more "princess" theme but nope...she's headstrong :).  So, OSO it is....I was looking for an OSO image on the web and there's one free invitation template from Disney Junior but the link was broken :( I stole the color scheme and idea and use it for Belle's invitation and gift tags.  

Gift tags and invites

My husband and I played with my latest cool toy...a KNK Maxx 24" machine...I must admit that it was HELL trying to set it up!!!!  I'm very bad at reading manuals! and after a few phone calls to their technical support, the machine was finally up and running.  Yesterday, I pestered my hubby to sit with me and read the rest of the thick manual...So far, I'm able to print and cut using registration mark....though it is still not as precise as Silhouette SD, but it is able to cut through thicker materials...such as the 220 gsm card stock for Misfit's, overall I'm happy...I am yet to play more with truly is a powerful machine...just not as user friendly as some of the plug and play machines.  I need to figure out its other functions.... 

KNK Maxx 24"


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