Wednesday, May 11, 2011

books i just bought

I'm so excited my Aunt finally came back from the States and brought me my amazon orders :)...
I'm planning to make the red cape for our holiday travels and the
bento box bag for Big M's birthday goody bags...
Then I also bought these wonderful books at Kinokuniya the other time :).  I love the bag book, it's inspirational...makes me want to buy one of those industrial grade sewing machine...maybe when our house is finally done... :)...AND on a happier sister just got engage :) and I can't wait for the wedding party ;)...hopefully it will be a trip to the US of's been awhile since I went there...would be nice to visit my old "home" again :).

Look at those wonderful bags :) they're so adorable!!!



  1. waaah, bagus banget bukunya... tasnya juga lucu2 banget... ayo mbak bikin, trus jadiin giveaway. hehehe

  2. ooooh, I love the book about bags!

  3. I love the little red hooded cape! Will you make one? Can I order it from you?


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