Saturday, November 17, 2007

a school in review: BiNus @ Serpong

Today, after putting Emma to sleep and waited for her to wake up again, we were FINALLY ready to visit BiNus new school's open day at Serpong. When we got there, the info session was already over but there were still a lot of people touring around the school. I took some pictures of the school, it's a very nice suburban school, where the air is still unspoilt and the school is nicely designed by a well known local architectural firm Hadiprana.

The pictures above were taken at the ECY/Elementary area...I'd love to play at the playground :)

This picture was taken at the ECY/Elementary gate to the basketball court, track and field.

Take a look at the library! I'm loving it :) specially with those computers.
The following pictures were taken at the middle and high school area
The Canteen is overlooking the track and field court and a picture of Emma and I in front of the library...It'll be a few more years before Emma and I get to choose a school to go to :D

For more information about the school, visit their website at

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