Saturday, November 24, 2007

busy bee

We spent most of today on the road, looking for a nanny for Emma.  First, we went to Yayasan Mutiara Bunda, which is located at West Jakarta and we met 2 talkative nanny who's been working for 12 years with her previous master and the other was quiet and not so talkative.  From there, we went to this Yayasan Meida at Kelapa Gading...we got lost for about ONE HOUR because apparently there are TWO Total Fruit Shops at Kelapa Gading within the same stretch of road (and of course we didn't know that) so we went from one end to the other and back again!!!!! crazy....At Meida, we met this really nice nanny, but we think she was a little too expensive for her experiences, nevertheless she was quite nice...and at our last stop, we went to Yayasan Maria, also at Kelapa Gading and met up with 3 candidates...but we didn't like any of them.  In the end, we took the talkative nanny from Yayasan Mutiara Bunda :D, hopefully she's talkative enough to entertain Emma hahahahahaha...I'll need to test her for Hepatitis B, though...and I'll probably redo her x-ray for TB.  The thing I like about Yayasan Mutiara Bunda is that their office looks professional compared to the other 2, though I must admit that my friends got some great nannies from those two yayasan, I guess it's just people's luck sometimes.  What a tiring day...We were so hungry and when we were finally done, it was around 3:30 pm and we wanted to eat at Angke Restaurant...and when we got there, IT WAS CLOSED!!!!  We were SOOOOOOO pissed and disappointed!  We ended up eating at this crappy Loy Kee Hainanese Restaurant at La Piazza...ow well...enough to fill our hungry tummy :)

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