Thursday, December 30, 2010

so long's been fun

I'm looking forward to the new year...wishing it would be a better year for everyone :).  What will you be doing on New Year's Eve???  

Something I forgot to post...The Misfits had Christmas Carnival and their teachers called me for a little help on their costumes.  I made the costumes for lil misfit's was so very easy and simple :)...I used synthetic I just cut the material without having to close the edges, since there are no frayed edges :D hehehehe...Since I bought too much fabric for lil M's class, We've decided to use the left overs for Big M's Class...I helped the Moms with the boys' outfit...then the talented Moms of class N2C made all the accessories :)...including the shoes!!! :D...All I had left to do was making a warrior costume for my misfit and her friend...voila...2 female warriors and stripey cape (which you can't see here) :D.  Sadly, I was in Singapore during the performance...and my hubby took some very bad shots ... so I stole my friend's photos :D

Big M's Class...."Warrior" Theme...Photo taken by Dylan's Mom

Lil M's Class....I'm not sure what their theme is :D...probably jungle??

Big M and her Ballet Class


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