Thursday, December 30, 2010

a funny blog

I came across an excellent blog...called stuff no one told me.  It's hilariously funny and so true :)...I love the words of wisdoms conveyed on the drawings :)...Here are some I love the most :D

I think this is so me :D....I LOVE this one :D

This is just so sweet :D

This one made me reminds me of some of
my "tough" looking friends :D

This one is funny :D...I should've played dumb and innocent
when the cop caught me :p



  1. menurut saya dalam banget artinya ya, mba "hello, is the most powerful word against loneliness"

  2. oh yeaaahh Alex Noriega is one of my heroes...ada satu lagi blog nya my mother apa gitu lupa :p
    btw ci, gak berani aku ngajar gambarrr gileee orang skill nya gak ada, pake insting doang gini >.<
    Kita bikin session menggambar dan bikin-bikin bersama aja kapan-kapan yuk! Nanti kalo Kamarlab bikin, aku undang yah! :D

  3. oh ini yaa..lucuu.. pantes jd profile pic bbm :D

  4. wonderful truthful statements and drawings. nice things to cheer the heart up abit.

    happy new year, dear Lia. May 2011 bring you lots lots more happiness.


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