Monday, February 27, 2012

a day with my new toy

My classic kitchenaid is dead and currently being fixed and I don't know when I'll get it back...and I've been wanting to get a kitchenaid professional, but I don't really have space for it...but I just gotta have it :D...I don't think I can wait till we move to our new can't do.  So, yesterday I've decided to make small fried doughnut....I've let it rised over night and popped it in the refrigerator this morning...and it FAILED miserably hahahahhahaha...somebody please give me a pointer!!!

Left to Right, Top to Bottom: The "Toy", the doughnut
Big M helping me cut the doughnut into shapes :D
I love this KitchenAid, it does not give me any electric shots (which I got from my US classic KitchenAid, since I had to change the voltage).  So, I decided to make my own butter!  My sister encouraged me to do so...she said she's been making her own butter and it tastes good!  I googled and youtubed and finally decided to do it.  I used greenfields' whipping cream and voila! my very own butter! From butter, I couldn't get enough of the mixer and decided to make chocolate coffee loaf using MY OWN BUTTER!  A good cuppa chai and a slice of chocco loaf to end my day....yum :)

Left-Right, Top-Bottom: Whipped cream being churned, butter and buttermilk, Butter!
Chocolate coffee loaf being baked



  1. hmmmmmm looks good! try the churros

  2. Congrats with your new toy! Looks fun & the homemade butter & chocolate coffee loaf look very yummy!


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