Sunday, February 12, 2012

flower pouch from handkerchief

I got this beautiful batik from a college friend's wedding.  I think you can use it as a bandana or a little scarf or a handkerchief.  But I don't think I'll use it for any of the after staring at it for a few days...I've decided to just turn it into a flower pouch.  The fabric is soft and  has 2 color tones and I did it in less than 10 minutes, while Li'l M's fever is down....oooo don't you just hate sick kiddos? :'(

Top-Bottom, Left-Right: Square handkerchief with 2 colours.  You can make it into an envelope pouch  or you can just sew it into a flower pouch...easy!

Finished flower pouch



  1. cute! I have several 'hankies, scarfs, napkins' that I never use that would make perfect
    little flower pouches! So glad you shared!Thanks!

  2. That's so cute, Lia! I never would've thought of using're so creative! :)

  3. wew lovely flower pouch!!! simple but cute!

  4. This is totally awesome! I have two amazing vintage hankies I'm going to use for this, thanks for the tutorial!


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