Sunday, October 24, 2010

happy UN day

Last Friday was a UN day celebration at Misfits school.  It was fun and hectic :)...hectic coz I've only finished their costumes at midnight!  But, I guess the costumes turned out A O KAY :D

Big M was wearing a Dutch Lady Costume, I got inspired while googling all the costumes...the hat I just used a trapezoid fabric :D.  Little M was wearing a Jasmine costume from this Japanese costume book and I decided to use Morocco as the country :p hahahhahaa...belly dancer...

Little M cried during the fashion show hahahhaa...I guess because I was there she became extra clingy!

Big M's celebrated it at the school's branch at Miniapolis, Plaza I had to go from one place to another...but she was so very happy enjoying all the games there with her friends :)



  1. sekolah dmn sih Mbak Lia? seru bgt... jd pengen balik kecil lagi :)

  2. I looovee the costums that you made! As I am from the Netherlands, I specialy loved your dutch dress. Close to my town is a small village, called 'staphorst' where woman still wear the traditional costume, so we see them everywhere in town. Did you know that in the Staphorster costume, six skirts are worn? Than also knitted wool socks, until the knee, and they are só itchy!
    Here you can find more over this;

    I hope that you will like these informations.

    Love your blog!
    Greetings from mama lieveheersbeestje.

  3. LOVE the dutch dress the best...but they're both so cute! The cute kids really make any costume cute, but you're a great seamstress. Lucky little girls.

  4. great job done on the costumes! and the girls are such darlings, wearing mummy's creation. :)


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