Thursday, October 21, 2010

happy kimono

I got this fabric by Hamburger Liebe for Farbenmix and turned it into a kimono PJ...I guess it's not girly enough, Big Misfit refuses to wear this often :(.  I think it's cute!!! I love the print and the fabric :( too bad my loved one does not share the same taste as I do.  I think I might have better luck with little misfit :) (fingers crossed)



  1. nice kimono :)
    Mbak Lia, owl rajutnya habis, harus mulai ngerajut lagi nih ;)

  2. Oh my! This is so cute! Unfortunately my kids often refuse what I made for them – that's moms destiny, don't worry!

    Keep on creating such wonderful things!

    Love from Hamburg,

  3. kimononya asli lucuuu bgt! And the girl too... =)
    Salam kenal ya dear...


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