Friday, October 29, 2010

fun fun fun @ jicc bazaar

I love bazaars...and I love it even more when I'm a vendor with a friend to share the booth with and other friends who also open their booths at the same bazaar :).  JICC bazaar was a lot of fun...thanks for all of your supports...those who came and chat, those who came and bought and those who came and browsed :) It was fun and having Chia there made it MUCH more fun :)...We shared the booth with Diana of Chasing My Dream ... her Kimono top is DIVINE!!! I forgot to take a picture of the kimono top I bought, but it's similar to the one she's wearing :D.  Chia made the MOST delicious Madeleines (I spelt the Madeleines wrong on the sticker...I know she's very pissed...being the perfectionist she is :p ow well).  I can't wait for our next bazaar...whenever that would be :)...for now, you can shop the Sewmanics collection at ;)

Sewmanics Booth at JICC Bazaar...and Chia's extra delicious madeleines
From top: My neighbor's space..Little Pomme,
Middle: Puri of Ideku Handmade and Bottom: Berries and Dreamesh Living
Top Left: Sewmanics' new boys tie, Top Right: Chasing My Dream's Kimono Top
Bottom: Chia, Me, Diana and Cynthia 
Top Right: Amesh, Evi, Puri, Evi's Son and ME
Bottom: Amesh and the kids



  1. hahahaa thanks sharing fotonya.. pasti bakal aku ambil fotonya :D

  2. good time indeed! bagi dong versi besarnyaaaaaaa we all look pretty gituuu *pasti karena kameranya ya pur :P
    sama yang me and the boys, yuara pas banget liat kamera hihihi

  3. it's so nice to see all of you together. there's a nice warmth in the air. :)

  4. Why are you the only one taken with a chocolate cake in your hand? hahahahahhaha you are so me, Lia! can't get them out of my hands either.

  5. duuuhh ... sirik deh gw , kapan bisa ikutan bazaar .... mudahan someday ... *pray*


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