Wednesday, October 13, 2010

my chatty miss misfit

My friend BB me today and said:
"Li, Emma lucu deh! Tadi dia nyamperin gua trus bilang:
M: Aunty swim ga hari ini?
C: Ga swim nih
M: Emma swim loh
C: Iya, have fun yah
ehhh...tapi dia masih liatin gua terus, dan akhirnya bilang
M: Emma mau roti coklat juga dong (sambil liatin Emilie yang lagi makan roti)
C: ya udah gua kasih roti, terus dia cerita lagi:
M: Emma kemarin foto2 loh...lama deh
terus ngobrol2 lagi deh..

"Li, Emma was cute! She came to me after school and said:
M: Aunty, are you swimming today?
C: No, I'm not swimming today
M: Emma swims!
C: Yes, have fun!
then she stood there and staring at me and finally said:
M: Emma wants a chocolate bread too (while looking at Emilie who's eating her chocolate bread)
C: So I gave some chocolate bread to her while she continued her small chit chat:
M: Emma had a photo shoot yesterday...
then I believe they had a few more chit chats... Big Misfit is notoriously known at school for lining up after any parents who pick up their children while carrying some sort of snack (be it french fries, pocky, donuts, etc)...then she'd wait...hoping the parent share some to embarrassing hahahahhahahaa....I must tell you...she eats a lot at school! and after school we always bring her extra lunch...which she usually finishes :)....she's so totally different from me...believe me...despite my chattiness...I was very shy and still am *blush*...I love you my li'l chatty girl...thanks for the story, Cynthia :)..another photo taken from the photo shoot yesterday



  1. Thank you for the cute story ;-) about a very very pretty little girl ;-)

  2. Hahahaa... You are most welcome Li! I love chatting with Emma! Not to mention having tons of fun hanging out with Belle during the school trip:)


  3. she's lovely! and wonderful photo shoot. beautiful clothes. :)

  4. Li, I know exactly where she gets her chattiness and her love of food from after spending a weekend with you! Haha...


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