Wednesday, October 6, 2010

amalfi and surrounding

Today has been a matter of fact, this past week has been hectic...but we've finally done with our goody bags order and today I did some tutorials for tabloid Nova (via amesh).  I hope Astrid and Agus enjoyed their time...coz I certainly did a lot of mistakes today and hence they had to wait longer :p...sorry, peeps!  Here are some pics I've been wanting to post...Amalfi and surrounding area.

After Capri, we went to Sorrento on hydrofoil, which took only around 40 minutes...not bad..then on the first day we arrived, we drove the beautiful Amalfi was breathtaking...We rented a small manual car and we had a few little mishaps :p...hehehe...we first went to Positano...a small town by the seashore...there was only one way in and out...and Misfit was we didn't really explore the place.  We then went to Amalfi but couldn't get parking so we decided to go to Ravello, a beautiful small city by the mountain...There was a beautiful villa there with breathtaking view.

On our way back, we managed to get a parking spot at Amalfi and had a beautiful dinner there :).  Oooo I love the Amalfi Coast... A lot...



  1. okay, next destination *making a mental note to myself* beautiful!!! :D

  2. beautiful places, well taken photos!

  3. waouw! thank you for these beautiful pictures, Lia

  4. What a wonderful trip!! And the little version of you can pose well!


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