Wednesday, October 27, 2010

sewmanics at jicc bazaar

We've been busy preparing for tomorrow's bazaar and goody bags order.  It's been very hectic yet fun :).  I don't think the baby shoes will be ready for tomorrow :( but they sure will be up on the web soon! I've also made two new name cards for Chia and I :D.  It is of course inspired by rifle paper co, one of my favorite paperie out there.  So these cards are my attempts to rifle paper co :).  Sure, I was jealous of Amesh's new cards too :p :)'s the detail for tomorrow...come by if you have time :).  I believe a portion of the entrance fee will proceed to charity.

JICC Christmas Bazaar at Kemang Village.  
28th October 2010 from 10am - 5pm.  
We'll be on the second floor.  
We really hope to see you there tomorrow! :)

Sewmanics' new name cards



  1. see you tomorrow Mbak Lia :)
    aku jg ikutan :) 2nd floor jg :)

  2. good luck! and update me!

  3. ga bisa ke sana nih, lagian udah telat hiks3x
    tempatnya kenapa jauh bgt dari tempatku :(

    btw Lia, kl lagi ga sibuk, aku sedang ngadain giveaway nih, dicek ya :


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