Monday, February 14, 2011

a very special valentine

Today, lil misfit is down with hand foot and mouth disease (hfmd) and I'm not even sure how she got it :(.  She can't eat anything because her mouth is filled with ulcers :'(...I'm just hoping and praying big M won't get it.  Then, as I was putting lil M to nap, big M came home from school, all excited.  She gave me a valentine's card and a heart stick.  She was all smiles and I was really touched :).  She said I made you a valentine's card,'re so you like it, Mommy?? She totally melted my heart :D...I love you too, baby :) sure put a smile on my face today :)



  1. yuara juga sakit, sehingganyaaaa goodies yang udah gue bikin batal dibawa ke sekolah.. oh well..

  2. Hi Lia,
    Just found your blogs - this and bentolicious and am completely enamored! :-) If you do not mind, I am seeking batik and bento tools as well for my kiddos. If you can direct me to some sources, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much!


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