Monday, February 21, 2011

cars pouch

I loooove how this simple pouch turned out :).  It's something I've promised my friend since last year :p...I know I know...procrastinating is not good :p but I had a little time yesterday before going to the gym (yes, my new year's resolution is to be fit) and finished the pouch for Matt's little cars.  Enjoy, Matt!!!



  1. Then again, you used the most wonderful fabrics... lucky Matt!

  2. visited your blog and I like a lot if you have a while I invite you to visit mine
    a greeting from Spain

  3. apa2an ini ke gym? are u planning to be kurus sendirian dan meninggalkan gue yang gendut???

  4. amesh you're not fat!! (sok nimbrung)

    Lia, did you cut big M's bangs yourself? It's adorable to me, I wonder she likes it herself? kemaren potong poni baby G dan papanya protes, padahal ga sependek big M lho. :(


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