Wednesday, July 9, 2008

a party for our little princess

I must say...I'm not a big fan of organizing any sorts of parties, though I like hosting small parties with close friends, I hate planning and organizing.  Nevertheless, I thought Emma should at least have a first birthday party.  I must say, though....parties nowadays are SO EXPENSIVE!!!  The clown...the game...the cake...the balloons!!I've kept everything to a minimum and hosted the party at the function hall of our apartment, not bad, actually.  Since the apartment has this new trampoline installment, I only added the fishing game for the little kids to enjoy.  In the end, thanks to my parents, aunties, and relatives, the party turned out ok :) though I must say I'm quite disappointed with the ugly barney clown and the scarry "godzilla" like mini barney cupcakes, in the end I just see past that and the kids were having so much fun and most importantly, Em was having thetime of her life...she was SO EXCITED and only get exhausted after it all ended and fell asleep when taken upstairs.  Thanks to our friends who came and celebrated it with us :)

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