Saturday, May 23, 2009

an ipod makes a happy toddler

Lately Emma refuses to sleep in the car on her comfortable baby chair! On bad traffic days, she would cry and cry and cry and drives us nuts! We bought a DVD player but the player sux and won't play US region dvds plus it's so bulky and since our car is small, there's not much space between Emma and the screen. So, I just remembered their ipod! And after downloading a few cool podcasts for children (they have Sesame Street, Dora, Diego, and the list goes on) it was put to the test. Emma is one happy toddler! :) She's also happy singing to her ipod songs when we don't give her the podcasts. Francis just told me last week that he got this wire thingy to plug into the ipod so the sound would come out on the radio!!! If only I have known sooner...

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