Thursday, July 15, 2010

gifts and art swap calling

I love gifts...who doesn't?  On Tuesday, two lovely unexpected packages arrived at my house, I got some beautiful things from Jo of Chubby Hobby ... I looove the fabrics, the ribbons and even the little cute stars for nails and the vintage buttons!!!!!...the other package was from Sweet Limes, packed with beautiful handmade cards and brooches.  Thank you :) I love them all so so so so much...

Then, yesterday, I came home to all these beautiful goodies from my best friend, Chia, who just got back from Korea.  Look at that cuuuute carton gift boxes by livework and take a look at that dog bookmarks! and the pencil...hihihihihi and the washi tape...thank you, friends...

Then, I felt bad...because I was only able to find one person for this art swap that's been going on the internet...I still need 5 more people to join...*sigh*, if you're interested, email me :) need to send your handmade thing(s) ( it can be anything our drawing/handmade postcard, accessoris, anything! to people that we don't know at all, and in return you may get the same thing from people you don't even know...this art swap was started by the talented Anthea of Spoonful zine.


  1. Thanks for coming by my blog and letting me know you got my package! I was actually just thinking about it today (had totally forgotten about it otherwise) and wondered if it had arrived safe and sound and if you liked the stuff. You made my day by letting me know.


  2. Hi Lia,
    I just love your blog! Please tell me more about this swap group, i might be interested to join. Thanks

  3. I might be interested in the art swap! I'm at - I make all sorts of different things and I love swaps.


  4. I'm interested too! :D ....check my blog:

  5. hey lia, i love surprises in mails too. at one time i was swap-crazy and swap 20-30 parcels a month. that was then, can't cope with that many now haha...:)

  6. Hi, I only make elephants : (
    Just started picking up sewing.

    Cant seem to email you from here.
    I'm interested in the swap. Perhaps
    you can email me at


  7. lovely swap items! you're lucky! haha... i've only received one parcel from the forward swap thingy. luck's not on my side. :S

  8. lia, i'd like to know more about this swap. how to join, and how to find people to do the swap? what are the rules?


  9. I'm so glad that you finally recieved the parcel!! I was getting a bit worried as it's been so long since I sent it off to you, hehe what a relief!

    And I only just start getting internet at my new place in Japan, hopefully i'll be able to update my blogs soon haha:) Take care. Jo

  10. I'd like to join in on the swap! What are the rules?

  11. Hi Lia,

    I would like to join in on the swap too! Can you tell me the rules, the deadlines?

  12. Let me join the swap too!!I have a feeling however you might already have too many....

  13. are there still openings?
    i'd love to join in :)


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