Friday, July 23, 2010

failed projects...again

Sigh....I hate failures :)...I tried making some clutches for my nieces...but I kinda took the wrong measurement and made the wrong pattern....sigh...ow could've been sooo cute.. :)


  1. Hi Lia,
    The appliques are very well done anyway! How do you attach the purse frame to the fabric, I always wonder - do you need pliers?

    Where can one buy purse frames?

  2. I love the cupcakes--I agree, the appliques came out lovely! I attempted a few of these and must have used a different pattern than my frame called for because the same thing happened to me. I can tell that one more try and you will have a wonderful success on your hands!

  3. Been there done that Lia, frame clutch can be a real pain on the neck..!! Keep on trying though..


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