Tuesday, July 6, 2010

happy birthday my dearest baby

Yes...it was M's 3 years impromptu birthday bash last weekend :)  I wasn't going to celebrate it, but decided to throw her a little party at my parents' house.  I didn't have much time to prepare for a goody bag and saw this doggy bag in one of my Japanese books and decided to do that :).  With a lot of help from the housekeepers, we finished them juuuuust in time before the party.  It was just a simple birthday with family and friends...I prepared some painting activities, as well as bead jewelry section :).  A very talented face painter was there too (Chia's wonderful hubby) :D THANKS, JO!

Before the party :)


  1. Lia, these dog bags are super super cute! So is your sweet little girl in her nice dotted dress!

  2. happy birthdaaay! hope she had a blast :)

  3. those cute painted chubby cheeks are so cute XO Happy birthday Miss M !

  4. you have an award from arts crafts n hobbies

  5. happy 3rd years! :)
    tasnya lucuuuuuu... super mommy^^

  6. Those little bags are so sweet. Happy 3rd Birthday to your little one.:)

  7. I LOVE emma's bday party, especially the activities... Oh and those home made food!! Even emma can't stop eating those yummy meatballs. Good job, I had a great time!! love the goodie bag too :)

  8. happy happy birthday!
    she is so lucky to have a great and creative mommy like you!
    the party looks beautiful
    happy birthday!

  9. Oh wow what a wonderful birthday part! I can't believe you sewed all of those bags... what a special treat! :)


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