Thursday, July 22, 2010

basking under the sun in the island of gods

My whole big family + my sister in law, went on a trip to Bali!  It was heavenly.  I love Bali...the kids looove Bali, everyone loves Bali.  We stayed at Novotel Nusa Dua, a very good place to stay when you travel in large group and very family friendly.

On the first day, My mom, sister and sister in law went to Tulamben for diving at the USS Liberty wreck.  We did two dives there.  It was fun and easy, and we didn't use the boat to go to the site, coz it was right in front of the we walked there :D.

Then we took a drive to Seminyak, shopped some and ate some :)...The next day hubby went golfing at Nirwana and it was my turn to take care of the misfits :D.  They had their hairs braided.  I was amazed at how behaved they were when the ladies braided their hair...It probably took them around two hours to finish.  We went to the beach...little M was reluctant in the beginning....but had a blast and refused to go home :D.

The next day was probably the highlight of our trip :D.  We got free spa treatments, courtesy of our kind family friend :).  It was just the most beautiful experience...all we had to do was reviewing the treatments.  It was at Seminyak area, at a place called Prana.  It was pure bliss :).

My sisters waiting to be called in and started the treatments.

From there, we went to Karma Kandara.  A beautiful luxurious villas at Uluwatu.  The view was simply breathtaking.  They were under renovation, so we had lunch on top where there was no view.  But it was simply magical.  I'd love to stay there one day :).


  1. Ohhh what a wonderful trip! The underwater pics are gorgeous! Sounds like you had an absolute wonderful relaxing time! I'm a bit jealous! ha!

  2. selamat berlibur ya.., semoga award ini juga bisa menambah seru liburannya :)

  3. Ahhh.. heaven on earth!
    Lucky you :D

  4. Hi Lia,
    What a wonderful holiday! Big and Small M's dresses look homemade, are they? They look so cute in the dreadlocks (is this what you call them?)


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