Monday, September 7, 2009

fabric hunt at pasar tanah abang

Last Saturday my friend and I went to Tanah Abang (another friend was supposed to join us...but she went blank and ended up at Pasar Baru!)...Since the Muslim's New Year is approaching soon (Eid Ul Fitr), it was TOTALLY PACKED!!!! Nevertheless, we still went in despite the crazy traffic jam just outside the market....Good thing I went because I found some treasures there :), I got lots of canvas material in many different colors (and at less than a quarter of the price at Pasar Mayestik, I went crazy)...ooooo happiness....and I found my polka dot linen cotton fabric which I already have at almost half I bought some more!...and also a cute japanese fabric in hot pink :) I am totally convinced that most of the beautiful fabrics overseas are printed here in Indonesia! I just have to scour these markets one by one to find them :). I'm definitely coming back after Eid Ul Fitr! :)...The pics aren't so great...since I took them with my mobile :)...but there are 2 floors of fabric shopping at Tanah day would not be enough to examine them one by one....


  1. Hi Lia, I am so glad to stumble upon your blog via BurdaStyle, jarang2 ada org indo yg ngeblog sewing musing.

    I am currently living in California and planning to go home for vacation next summer. Besides, tanah abang, where else can i go to fabric shop? Also, the batik porn that you've been showing....they are so lovely, where do you get them from?

    keep up the awesome works

  2. sulovessew.wordpress.comNovember 25, 2009 at 2:00 PM

    Hi Lia, thanks a lot for your response. my name is martina and I've just recently started a blog i have more questions nih, what's the best way to contact you outside of this comments section?


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