Friday, October 16, 2009

scrappy clutch bag tutorial

This is my very first tutorial, please let me know if you've found any mistakes. Thank you.

*For the Scrappy Clutch:
1 pc of 14.5 cm steel clutch frame (5 3/4")
Approx. 1/8" of thick sturdy string for stuffing the fabric to the clutch frame
10 pc of scraps (2.5" wide and at least 6" long)
2 pc of 6"x10" fabrics (if you want to use your scraps, you can use 10 pc of scraps, the same as above)
fusible interfacing (the size of the clutch)
2 pc of lining materials
2 pc of carton paper
Craft glue (I like to use CASTOL, contact adhesive)
Click here to download the pattern or you could email me at and I'll email you the pdf file
*For the Scrappy Strap:
Pieces of scraps with at least 1.5" - 2" width
2 pc hooks
1. Gather all the scraps you have

2. Cut into 2.5" strips with at least 6" in length and sort them the way you want them to be lined up

3. Sew 5 scraps together using straight stitch with 3/8" seam allowance (I like to do this because it's big enough and I can use the edge of my foot as a guide) which will give you 2 pieces of patched fabrics

4. Press your seams open

5. Fold the patched fabrics to half and trace the pattern onto the fabrics and cut them

6. Iron the fusible interfacing onto the wrong side of the patched fabrics

7. Follow steps 1-5 to do a patched fabrics lining, else I just use 2 pieces of my bigger scrap fabrics

8. Sew together the bottom of the bag's body and the bottom of the lining (using 3/8" seam allowance)

9. Cut the carton pieces and glue the top edge of the carton to the right side of the lining (find the middle and glue them together)

10. Line the outer body and the lining together and pin them starting from the 2 edges (wrong sides together). Sew the top together, using 1/8" seam. Fold a little on the carton edges to make little creases for the bag (not too much else the fabrics would be too small for the frame).

11. Put some glue into one side of the frame and spread it using a small spatula. Start inserting the fabrics into one side of the frame together with the string, making sure the middle of the bag looks even and centered (I accidentally bent 2 of my crochet hooks! So I used a small pen instead)
12. Clamp all over the frame to make sure the fabrics are tight. I used a thick fabric to cover the frame to avoid any scratches
13. Voila and You are done. All you need to do is rip out the pieces of cartons TO MAKE THE SCRAPPY STRAP:

1. Find the scraps you can find and cut them into 1.5" strips. Iron them and trim them neatly (If you need a wider strap, cut the fabric scraps bigger)

2. Sew them together using 3/8" seam allowance.
3. Press and iron the strap in half then press the other halves into the middle. Sew them together using the smallest seam allowance you can do, I use 1/8"
4. Blind stitch the edges to the two hooks


  1. I love this one too, I found you through SMS, so glad I did, you are wonderfully creative!!

  2. What is the "carton" that you are referring to? what is it for?

    gardnwest at aol dot com

  3. Hi Christine...the carton is to insert the fabric into the frame, and you can use cereal box, hope my explanation helps :)

  4. love the clutch, thanks for the tutorial. Quick question where do you get the hardware?

  5. Hi Trisha...I got the hardware here in Jakarta, keep reading, because I might give a clutch bag pack giveaway soon. You could also find the Japanese clutch frame from inazuma, google them and there should be a bunch of shops selling these (what's great about inazuma, they come with their own patterns). They're really fun to can enlarge the bottom part to make the bag even bigger if you want to :)

  6. Lia,

    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I will keep reading, but not just for the giveway or ideas are great. Thanks again for the tutorial!

  7. Lia,
    thanks for the quick response. I will keep reading, but not just for the giveaway. I love your ideas. Thanks again!

  8. Sorry for the double post I didn't think the first one went:(

  9. liaaa, i featured you and this tutorial on my blog. LOVE IT!

  10. This is so sweet!! And your directions are great! I was given a box of old coin purses with the same kind of metal frame. Can these be salvaged? Any recommendations for re-using these?

  11. aaahhhh... i just make this kind of bag and failed :( due to wrong choice of glue.. hmm.. castol eh?! will definitely try it mbak.

    anyway, where i can possibly get that clamps?

    thank youuuu..

    psstt.. i put your blog link in mine! your tutorials are awesome!!

  12. wahh tips ditempel dulu di karton sangat membantu dan memudahkan, thanks ya.. :)

  13. Hi Lia, salam kenal yaa. Aku tau kamu dari meyiy, dan baru minggu ini punya mesin jait after doing no crafty at all ever. Tutorialnya asik banget dan cukup mudah diikuti spertinya buat newbie kyk aku. ;) thanks for sharing! xx

  14. Salam kenal mbak Lia....
    Saya pengen cuga bikin clutch. Tapi frame yang saya punyai bentuknya kotak/persegi. Yang saya ingin tanyakan, kalau pake frame persegi apa cara masangnya sama seperti itu juga? Lalu kalau hasil clutch setelah dijahit dibuat lebih lebar dari framenya, cara melekatkannya bagaimana? Maaf kalau pertanyaannya agak aneh. Saya ga pernah jahit kain soalnya. Terimakasih sebelumnya... :))

  15. OMG! You are the sewing fairy! Thanks for all those tutorials! :D

  16. These can be made without using any cardboard. It seems like a super unnecessary step. Also, why on earth are you gluing string into the frame?

    1. Sara, it is just my way to use cardboard, it's up to you if you don't want to use it...but I find it easier to keep the pieces together. AND if you've bought this particular style of frame, you'll find that there'll be quite a lot of spacing inside the frame! Hence the necessity to use the string...that's why on earth I use thick string and I glue it so it won't move


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