Friday, June 8, 2012

1/15 coffee

There's a legitimate reason why I've been busy :D...really...not just excuses...I'm opening up a specialty coffee place on the first floor of my office.  It's been hectic! It was supposed to be opened the end of last month, but it was still too it is due to open next week on the 13th of June at come by if you're in the's an invitation from's nearby gandaria city at Jl. Gandaria I no 63.  There's a quiz going on as participate if you've found the time.  I'm just crossing my fingers and hope for the best for next week!  I know I still have a lot to do till the BIG day!  Wish me luck!

interior works - in progress
work in progress
Doddy, the barista and David the wannabe :p



  1. Congrats Lia! I'm going to visit very soon next week (^.^)

  2. Hi Mbak Lia..
    Oh ternyata the newest and the hippest coffee place in town punya mbak Lia toh.. Aku sering banget denger di twitter XD
    Congrats! Semoga bisa kesana kalo pas lagi balik Indo :D


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