Sunday, October 21, 2007

emma, hugh and hugh's crazy aunties

Today has proven to be a very interesting day :). This morning, my very first maid/nanny finally arrived :) yay! Then...we had lunch with Catherine, Cik Kiani, Cik Jul, Siew Huey, Howard and Baby Hugh at Warung Kita...When Emma first met Hugh, they were both asleep in their own stroller :) so cute!...Then, when we were almost done with lunch, they both woke up and Emma started getting cranky...anyway...after lunch, Hugh's aunts and us went to Starbucks while Hugh's parents had their day out then we go home to our place and put them side by side ... too bad the lighting was low...must take some more pictures together when they meet up again. Hugh is so cute! he has giant legs and feet hahahahahaha and he's about 1 month older than Emma...he has strong grip and very manly too :)...One thing I noticed...I think all baby boys have the same "fake" cries...very interesting :)

1. Hugh looked as if he was saying "Hey Em...what's with your stroller??? so high?"

2. Emma waiting at Starbucks :D

3. Aunt sure you're strong enough for both of us?

4. Okay...together now...first...we eat our yummy little fingers together...then...let's hold hands but wait...Hugh, please don't eat my hand too :|

5. Then....Hugh needed his "power" sleep as his auntie would say it :D

6. And they played scrabble and left A WHOLE BUNCH OF STUFF as they hurried home :)

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