Tuesday, October 2, 2007

looking back

One of the first things I did when Emma was born was pinching her chubby cheek :D I can't help not pinching her :) I LOVE pinching cheek and I guess Emma's cheek will be my new object of pinching...Francis' cheek suddenly doesn't feel so nice to pinch anymore :D...This picture was taken just minutes after her delivery :D...

I know it's only been 3 months but looking back at her old pictures make me realize how much she's grown and how little she was 3 months ago :) and what a shock to our lifestyle she is :D. I guess once we survived the first month, we've adapted this new lifestyle...

I love taking pictures of Emma when she's sleeping with Francis..I find it very cute seeing them together :D. This picture was taken on MY resting bed that we decided to put on the 2nd floor, so that I didn't have to go up and down the stairs while I was pregnant...it then became Emma's day bed :D.

I was so surprise when this beautiful bouquet of flowers arrived at the hospital..since I have no friends in Brisbane..I was wondering who would send me this beautiful thing :D...specially when the note did not mention any names! Then I realized it was from my very thoughtful dodolette friend, Myra :D...Thank you, Myr...you made my day when I was feeling lonely in that dreadful hospital bed :D
I think I might take some more pictures of Emma being swaddled...since she will outgrow those swaddle cloth very soon :D! She can now wiggle her way to free herself from being swaddled! so annoying...because we would have to re-swaddle her to sleep!

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