Sunday, September 30, 2007


I really think Emma looks so much like her dad!!!! Specially her nose :D...At first, I didn't trust what my mom and other people would tell me...DON'T BUY TOO MUCH CLOTHING FOR EMMA because she will outgrow them very fast :D...I guess they're right..already she has outgrew a few of her old outfits, specially her 3 months outfits so I've started dressing her for 6-12 months...I couldn't believe my eyes when this cute little pink outfit from Meiltrine fits her perfectly! It's a mixed feelings of happiness and sadness, happy because she's grown bigger but sad because soon she will outgrow this cute little outfit and many of her other cute outfits!

I'm always amazed how my breast milk has enough ingredients and nutritions to keep her growing each day and actually satisfies her hunger...I've been pumping day in and day out...just like a cow...and thankfully, my milk still overflows...more than enough to feed her in one day :) though I can't wait until she starts eating solids so that I don't have too pump at night!!

I'm very happy that dad had finally made me a bathing table, so I don't have to sit on the floor to bathe her anymore!!! She's getting heavier and if I keep sitting on the floor to bathe her, I know I'll get backache soon enough! :D...She is now longer than her bathtub :D...she used to be so small that we bathed her in this very small "ember" back in Brisbane and now she's longer than the normal sized tub! yay! how time flies, I guess...

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