Saturday, September 29, 2007

emma is growing

Emma is almost 3 months and we've been noticing that nowadays, her long pants always fall under her belly, thus concealing her protruding tummy :D..and so, today we went to ITC Permata to get some new outfits for Emma.

While Francis was away on his business trip yesterday, he gave me a call while Emma was relaxing in her combi chair with her FINGERS in her mouth, so out of my curiosity, I decided to put the phone on Emma's hand (which she held on her little hand) and asked Francis to talk to her on the phone and when Francis started talking, she was listening and cute :)...

I think she's on growth spurt since she's been demanding for more feeds, though the intake might only be 30-50ml but when she's hungry, she could finish 100-150ml and manage to make us very happy with her good drinking habit, we hope she could keep up with the feeding :D

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