Saturday, September 29, 2007

Francis, Myself & Emma

Well, Emma was finally out at 1:37am, born on the 3rd of July at the Royal Brisbane Hospital :D...It was a painful 24 hours labour, with only "not so HAPPY gas" as my choice of pain killer...I've never felt such pain in my life...Nevertheless, after passing 24 hellish hours, the doctor decided to do a C-section, coz Emma just didn't want to go out after 7cm dilation...since the midwife broke my water, (something I'd rather they not do the next time I have a baby) they were afraid she might get distressed and, they prep me for c-section at midnight...once the epidural was was HAVENLY :D and she was out in just a few minutes...She looked bloody and messy :| hahahahahahaha but we're glad she's a healthy 3.64kg baby girl :D...Not even the pain after a c-section could match the labour pain :|...really...all in all..I was GLAD to be out of the hospital, though it took a little longer than I expected, since Emma had a bit of Jaundice and therefore we had to stay over an extra night...

The best thing about the whole thing was...everything was free :D hihihi...something good for being an Australian PR :D..

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