Friday, December 28, 2007

Merry Christmas to me :)

Today, I finally bought my very first sewing machine :).  It's so cool...never knew that a sewing machine could do so many nifty things hahahahahaha :). First I went to Toko Tiga Street only to be disappointed by this "brother" store owner...this man asked me to buy TWO machines!! He didn't even understand what I was trying to buy and won't explain a thing!!! So, in the end I went to a shop at Pangeran Jayakarta...I called the shop before (found it from yellow pages) and the owner was nice enough to explain many things over the phone, so I'm very happy to finally bought this Tajima machine at PD. Aneka Mesin Jahit, give Tony (the owner) a try if you're looking for a sewing machine (021-6298525/6), though he doesn't sell high end sewing machine, he has just the right one for a newbie like me - now I need a bigger table to cater my new hobby :D

O, by the way...the 2 new quilts I didn't like before turned out to be quite good after I washed them :) hahahahaha and the workmanship is actually good too yay yay...

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