Thursday, December 20, 2007

quit quilt quilt :)

I was so ecstatic when I finally got my white on white quilt I ordered from Cotonnier.  It is a well-made quilt with soft material and most importantly, the filling isn't too thick and therefore just the right temperature for me :).  I wish the same could be said about the quilts I ordered somewhere else :(. I was so disappointed when I received my NOT ONE but TWO disappointing quilts :( one is a double wedding ring design but the filling is quite thick plus the material is not very comfy and since the material isn't wide enough to accommodate a King size, they joined 2 materials and you could see the joint right in the middle of the quilt and the second one is a nine patch, the colors are supposed to be pastels, not BRIGHT...ow well...and I've paid about the same price as the luxurious quilt I got from Cotonnier :( very disappointed.  But at least the wedding ring is white, I could reason myself with white :) and hopefully after I've washed it, it wouldn't be as bad.  I've finally finished the TOP of my patchwork sampler quilt hahahahaha after much struggle, I've finished 1/2 I have to quilt lazy...:(

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