Sunday, November 15, 2009

rose st artists market

Finally we went to rose st. artists market! Though at first we got derailed to the beautiful and interesting Brunswick Street's our quick stroll (before we rushed back to the car afraid we would've been ticketed) I found an interesting store called Wilkins and Kent...very very cute shop! I wanted to browse more but we had to leave :(...but I stole some snapshots :D

After lunch, we finally got to the market (very very late afternoon)

I love the rose st market :D...I found a few interesting things there and bought some too....
I bought a few things from Linogirl, she's very talented and I love her ceramic art :D

If I am unable to sew, I would've bought some clothes from Bobbins and Bliss...they're really cute! and I saw 1 fabric similar to mine hehehehehe

That shop at the end is called ,Chestnut too bad they don't have a website...but they sell plush toys, baby bibs (shaped into flowers) and scarves.

There was this cute little place selling covered buttons, covered earrings and such...but I didn't take her card...

That shop at the end sells very cute lampshade! It's called two layers of cells...I'd love getting some but maybe next time :)

As we walked out the closed section, I saw this cute store selling cute plush toys made mostly of woolen fabrics but I didn't get the card too
There was a shop called Shadow Theatre, the sell really cute shadow on plywood

and that sums up our little rose street market experience


  1. Looks like a great time. How did you ever pull yourself away?

  2. hahhaha with a misfit who tried to touch just about was easy! hahahaha


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