Tuesday, November 17, 2009

far far away

Today, we went to 2 fabric/patchwork shops! One is called Patchwork on Central Park, which is a lovely small shop...they have quite an extensive collection, including beautiful japanese knits and I saw some Nani Iro's fabrics as well...nevertheless, I was proud of myself for not buying anything! Since I will be going to Japan next year...Here are some pics of the place. I have a thing with small cozy little shop :)

Lucky I have a wonderful husband who would drove me all the way to Bayswater (it's far...believe me) without complaints :D....The shop is INSIDE a tile showroom with its store sign half wrecked outside...We've missed this place and good thing I called in justttt in time before they closed at 4:30pm!!! The long drive was well worth the time :) I finally got my book A stitch in Time by Rosalie Quinlan and found an interesting book called A Boy's Story by Anni Downs. But what made me sooooo extremely happy was the new (currently HARD TO FIND) PVC fabrics by Rosalie Quinlan....I bought 3 PVC garden fabrics and the red one is her cotton garden fabric...Found some bias tape as well :)...I'm... H A P P Y...thank you, dear...


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