Thursday, March 24, 2011

a day at taman safari

This week is the children's term break, so they're having a week off from school.  They've been swimming for the past two days and I took a day off yesterday to take them to Safari Zoo.  The drive there was quite long, it took us almost 3 hours to get there (we stopped at Cimory for a quick break).  We finally arrived there a little before noon...We bought some carrots and bananas before entering the zoo and we fed them to the animals.  One time, we forgot to close the window and when the zebra/llamas came, big M just jumped off her seat and cried...which made lil M scared and jumped off my lap hahahahahhahaha...

A little word of advice...PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN FOOD!!! IF POSSIBLE, DON'T BUY ANY FOODS FROM THERE...not only are they expensive, they're not really peanut salad (gado-gado) came with worm!!!! arghghghgh...extra protein T_T .... but everything tasted horrible there.

The happiest moment was when we've finally arrived at its recreational area, we met Big M's school buddy, Big D!!! What are the chances!!! So we ended up spending the times together there :).  All and all it was a very good day and the children had a blast :).

The Orang Utan was so cute..once he heard the zoo keeper's car, he ran all the way across
the field and gave his hand (as pictured) for food and started clapping

D and M went Pony riding :)...while lil M chose the train ride (beware of those with kids...
the train ride was kinda scary because of some caves we had to pass..and on the last cave,
there were crappy dinosaurs with scary sounds and it was very dark)

Posing in front of Baby Zoo entrance

Big M and a toddler Orang Utan :) I'm so happy she was willing to do this

D and his Auntie and cousin :) on a camel ride!

Big M on elephant show...we paid for the elephant painted tee and M was garland by the
elephant while I snapped away :)


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